Apple iPhone 5 – What Can You Expect?

The iPhone 5 – What could become the world’s highest selling smartphone to date

In 2011, Apple sold about 30 million iPhone handsets in the last quarter alone. They managed to sell about 20 million iPhone 4S handsets which made the iPhone 4S one of the best sellers so far, in the history of smartphones. The next generation iPhone is expected to repeat that feat.

Analysts are predicting that Apple will be able to sell about 50 million iPhone 5 handsets in 2012 and 2013. What makes this phone so special? Read below to understand that iPhone charm.

A special demand for Apple products

Apple is a revolutionary company that has always put out some really cool and desirable products. They may be over priced in comparison to generic computers, phones and devices that offer similar sort of specs although they are worlds apart when it comes to build quality and design. Just hold an iPhone and a Samsung phone next to each other and you will instantly be able to tell that the build quality, sturdiness and luxurious feel is great on the iPhone, while the Samsung feels cheap and flimsy, even though it might offer similar sort of specs as the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 is expected to receive that similar sort of heavy demand from the public, with people queuing up to buy the next iPhone, after camping outside Apple stores overnight. People seem to want a smartphone that is both technically capable as well as one that can serve as a fashion statement. iphone 11 pro

New form factor for the new iPhone

The next iPhone from Apple is expected to have a new form factor. Until now, all the five generations of released iPhones look remarkably similar and the public have made it clear that they want to see a change. Apple could be giving it to them by giving them an iPhone with a tear drop design. A tear drop design would inspire a form factor in the iPhone that resembles the design element used in the MacBook Air, Apple’s very stylish notebook. With the tear drop design, the iPhone 5 will taper away in thickness from top to bottom, looking like a very unique and sophisticated smartphone.

The next iPhone is also expected to receive a larger screen. Rumors are suggesting that the screen could be as large as 4 inches while some industry sources are saying that the screen could be as big as a 4.7 inch screen. As for display resolution, Apple is expected to retain the retina display resolution on the iPhone as it is already one of the best displays in the smartphone market. There would really be no need for Apple to improve upon that.



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