Football Betting Tips: Which Betting Site to Choose?

When venturing into sports betting, many people wonder which the best bookmaker is to start with. Among so manycompeting sites, the most valuable tip you can have regarding this is: study which site is more concentrated on football: which has more betting choices, tournaments and markets, or even advantages and promotions focused on this sport .

Football betting tips: Nova88, a good football betting site

Nova88, in addition to being a super complete site, also has an easy and intuitive interface for those who are just starting. Football betting is the site’s great speciality, with much better odds than most bookmakers operating in Thailand.

Cashback from zero to zero

This promotion carried out by  is one of the examples of advantages that the house offers specifically for the football sports betting market. In this promotion, you get money back from certain guesses if the game ends zero-zero.

A fun option that never fails: bet on live football matches!

Once you’ve made it a habit to place bets on match days, you’ll realize this: some days, you’ll wake up in the mood to bet, no matter which team so much. This is because sports betting has become a type of leisure activity that you enjoy doing in your spare time. Well then, and there’s no better way to spend your free time with live sports betting!

If you don’t understand what it is about, it’s simple: you can enjoy a football game that’s on TV or some internet streaming service and use a sportsbook to make live, real-time predictions of that match. This type of market is among the big favourites of bettors, as they offer great earning opportunities based on good observation and analysis of the games. On the other hand, not all bookmakers have enough competence and infrastructure to closely follow live events to avoid odds that will eventually bring them losses.








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