How to Get Quality Back Links

While doing a search engine optimization of a website, one of the most important things is to get quality back-links for your website. There are several ways of getting quality back-link for your website. However in this article we are going to discuss few of them

1) Article Submission

You can always write good quality articles with a back-link to your website in the resource box and you can further post them on various websites that accepts articles.

2) Directory Submissions 구글광고대행

There are various web directories on the Internet, You can easily search them with the help of Google and can submit your website in the category of your websites theme to get the back-link from those directories.

3) Blog Comments

There are various blog sites that are based on the same theme as yours. You can easily comment on those blogs with a back link to your site.

4) Build free blogs

You can further build a blog on free websites like word-press, blogger, tumbler etc. You can make these blogs on the same topic of your website and can post a back link to your website on these blogs.

5) Hub pages and Squidoo

You can build your pages in both of these free site. you can get a back link from these pages with a keyword as a anchor text from these sites.

6) Yahoo Answers

You can answer to various questions related to your websites theme and in the resources you can further add a link tour your website (Provided your website have a content related to your answer)

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